Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guapo + Paco

These two dogs and I had quite a few adventures together.



Guapo seemed to greatly enjoying having his picture taken! In general he liked to hang out with me and was often at my feet or somewhere close.

At first, when I started snapping photos of him, he just kept coming to me and trying to lick my camera lens instead of staying still (and yes, he did manage to lick it once!). But after he calmed down a bit, he even posed while I was taking his pictures and would turn his head from one side to the other in between photos.

It was too cute!

Paco was slightly less thrilled at having his picture taken and never seemed to hold still. But I was determined to get a photo of this dog who liked to growl enthusiastically at coyotes and all strange night noises and generally helped me feel more safe while I was with them. Though in general he did not stay as close as Guapo, he was right beside me if I was sad or slightly 'freaked out' at strange night noises!

Good memories!

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