Monday, April 30, 2012

A Revolutionary Afternoon...

....that would be pertaining to our session on posing.

Yes, you are reading a photography blog, so learning how to correctly pose your clients really is a groundbreaking moment!

I have a confession here: I have always found posing hard and felt like I needed to improve on it, yet didn't know what posing blocks to build off of.

For my first photo shoot ever, I went to one of my favorite photography blogs/site, and found a list of different ideas. It helped. But it also really helped my client was used to photos and was a natural :-) And there were definitely some ideas I had but just didn't know quite how to pull it off.

I looked at other blogs with photos and gained ideas and improvised with my own. But still I knew what types of shots I was good at and what shots could be so much better if I could nail posing basics.

Fast forward to about a week and a half ago.

It was the second day of photography class and we were learning about posing. About halfway through the session, the break through came. It was like a light bulb had just gone off. I finally had the hammer and nails to pound the basics together.

It was a Tuesday afternoon. We went over some general posing techniques, close up techniques, and then three basic poses that could be easily adjusted. Whoohoo!! I learned so much in that short session.

And one of my favorite techniques that I used at my client shoot later in the week? - how to pose hands! It really is the little things in life that matter.

Proof that I practiced posing - shots of my two classmates below!

Tiffany's mood and expression in her eyes just seemed to go so well with the overall photo. Definitely one of my favorite!

When I first saw these red barred windows, I knew right away I wanted to get a shot with them. The doorway in between them seemed like the ideal spot to have Stephanie sit.

This was one of those photos where the shot matched what I envisioned in my head = success!

Yes, we did stand out in the middle of the road for this shot. Yes, this took some back and forth as vehicles kept coming down the road. Yes, it was worth it! - free standing pose successfully accomplished! 

Thanks to my classmates, Tiffany and Stephanie, for being such great models!

And thank-you Hannah for truly revolutionizing my posing ideas and techniques - so appreciated!

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