Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lakes, Bison, Geysers, Mountains

One more post of some photos from my trip!

Lucy and I were constant companions on this trip, which resulted in many many many photos.

(Who is Lucy you wonder? - my camera :-)

Lesson learned = try not to overshoot (that equals lots of sorting, definitely not a photographer ' s favorite pastime!)

However, I think we have some winners!

Looking back at photos often helps me to reflect and reminisce

Sometimes in life, the next few steps ahead are not obvious due to bends and winds and twists and turns.

Just like this river.

Other times it feels wide open and ready for anything.

Wildlife sightings!

At first I was rather fascinated by being able to view the bison so close up. But then I grew disenchanted with them.

However, when we had to stop for a bison crossing on our third day and got to see these giant animals super close, the fun returned and I snapped a few photos!

(full disclosure: this caused me to exclaim my delight for bison which resulted in quite a bit of teasing since I had just commented on how unphotogenic they were the day before!)

Bear track!!

Pretty blue bird that finally held still long enough. I was rather excited to see this blue of a bird in its natural habitat.

We also did a bit of cave exploring - thankfully the bats weren ' t feeling very friendly and stayed where they were instead of flying around.

The geysers were amazing, they seemed to be everywhere. They were unlike anything I had ever encountered! (the smell was pretty overwhelming too.. . . )

The boiling paint/mud pots were crazy!

Old Faithful sighting... :-) I really wanted to see this geyser! While we waited for it, we ate lunch and chatted, and sat there. Right in front of it. Waiting. Waiting. And waiting some more (actually we did a lot of laughing too - we were pretty excited!). And finally the steam gushed out in this amazingly powerful outburst! It was worth the wait.

It made me think of God ' s faithfulness and how He is always faithful. Even in times where I cannot see it as clearly, He is and will be faithful.

A spectacular waterfall that fed into the canyon.

The canyon was absolutely breathtaking!

A pond on our hike through the bushes after hiking along the canyon.

Reflections in the water are one of my favorite types of images to capture.

Gorgeous view of the lake and mountains.



  1. Beautiful photos, Jocelyn!! :)

  2. Whoa, Jocelyn! These are intensely good! You managed to capture what we saw quite well. I can definitely see how your picture-taking skills are getting 'magnanimous-ly' better and better! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Miss JLG :-) Your encouragement means a lot! (haha re magnanimous!!)