Friday, June 1, 2012


This past month I went with a couple of friends on a trip.

To a place I had never visited before.

It was amazing.

We slowed down and made time for stopping at lookout places for no other reason than 'just cause'

 We explored new areas and saw bubbling paint/mud pots and experienced steaming geysers.

The beauty of photos is that they can capture a moment that is only there for a very limited time whether due to light, the subjects in the photo, or some other element(s). I would dare to suggest the photo below was one that had a very limited time frame due mainly to the light.

I would not have seen it except there was a grizzly bear (way back) in the bush on the other side of the road that caused people to pull over to take photos. I snapped some and then turned around to go back to my vehicle.

And then I saw it: the sun streaming down as the steam rose from the ground. I wanted so badly to capture in the photo what I saw before me. The feeling of Amazement. Awe. Wonder.

We also hiked along a canyon that could only be described as 'picturesquely perfect'

Lucy found the natural splendor of the views absolutely magnanimous. So did I.

(on a purely personal note regarding my first photo: I have always wanted to capture a 'road' photo - one where I got to lay on the road and take a photo using the highway lines. Some major road construction and an unknown 'fiasco' enabled my dream to finally be realized. yay!)


  1. I love taking pics too! But I never go to amazing places like that! :D
    Great photos!

  2. Thanks! The neat thing with photos is sometimes they can make the ordinary look really great (e.g. the first photo could be anywhere)...but yes, I was definitely surrounded by some pretty spectacular sights on this trip!