Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Adorable Girls || Sister Portraits

What is better than taking photos of a little girl with an adorable smile that extends from her eyes to her mouth?

Doing this x4!

 A dear friend of mine and I were chatting last month and at the end of our conversation we cooked up the idea to take some last minute photos of her nieces (I think she should win most thoughtful auntie award, don't you?). So the next evening we went out to a park / lake area with bridges, hills, water, and lots of grass to take some photos.

The result? Lots of smiles and laughs, both from these four adorable girls and the photographer :-) did I mention some pretty hilarious faces also managed to make an appearance when the smiles were taking a much needed break?


Some group shots of the four sisters:

A few individual portraits:

The distinct personalities of these four young ladies is quite evident in the photo below - we had all sorts of different smiles and expressions going on!

And now that the nice smiley photos are shown, let's end on a fun note and show some ridiculously great silly face photos too! Or ones where some girls were smiling and others were making faces. Kids make me laugh so hard!

Thanks girls for the great smiles, all the help carrying my reflector around, and the fun times!
(p.s. you have a pretty awesome auntie ;-)


  1. I'll take the "Thoughtful Auntie Award" any time! ;) Lovely, lovely you can tell, my mom takes our photo book everywhere!

    1. Thank-you!! :-) So glad you all liked them! They truly are adorable girls!