Friday, August 17, 2012

Spider Webs and such || Trip {personal}

Sometimes a more personal blog post makes an appearance on this blog.

I've been on some fun road trips recently because what's a summer without a road trip? Or two? Or, um, three. . . anyways . .

I am rather terrified of mice and bats (I had to scrap up my courage when we toured the cave with bats in this post). However, most bugs I don't mind and I even collected spiders for a day at one point in my childhood (ok, I have never met a giant tarantula so I probably shouldn't boast too much about my non-squeamishness . . . )

A couple weeks ago while on a weekend road trip with some friends I was picking raspberries and saw this spider web. With water droplets. Happy sigh. Picture perfect moment that I have rarely ever seen before.

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