Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hiking time! || Kananaskis {personal}

Before August ended, I went on one last hike in the Kananaskis.

It was one of those spur of the moment type hikes.

Pure goodness.

Isn't this lovely?

We hiked along a path hidden within the forest. Scattered with little puddles.

Aren't puddles wonderful? And yes my hiking pals got in on the fun too and had the idea to create some ripples/water splashes in the puddle :-) (thanks girls!!)

(*photo note - I used my 50mm lense for these photos. Have I mentioned how much I use it?? - if not, I will. . . ALL THE TIME!! Well, not quite, but I do like it A LOT. And still a huge fan of M mode. Doing way less post-processing with this mode)

It's amazing what detail can be found in nature. Made for some great macro type shots!

This was a fun little bridge we had to cross as we tramped through the forest.

Unfortunately the lake wasn't quite as spectacular as we expected and felt a little more like a pond. However, it was still a great hike!!

On the way back, we kept on seeing lots of different types of mushrooms.

Rather pleased with how this fungi shot turned out:

Thanks girls for such a fun adventure together!

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