Monday, September 3, 2012

Road Trip + Way North || N. Saskatchewan {personal}

August was so full of many adventures that I am still sorting through my photos, but here are some from one of my road trips!

(warning folks - this is a nice long post and varies from random stories to techy photographer talk!)

This summer my good friend sent an invite my way to come to Northern Saskatchewan for a week with her and her brother to their relatives' cabin.

Did I mention I love road trips? The prospect of waterskiing for the first time also sounded very inviting! So I gladly accepted and hopped along for the ride. And ended up going farther north than I've ever been!

Saskatchewan is often stereotyped as flat, super flat. That may be (and I daresay is) true of the southern part, but the northern part is gorgeous.

We were right by Lac La Ronge - a massive lake in the northern part. This shows the shoreline from where we would take off when going kayaking

When it was close to dusk, this lake calmed down and became like glass, creating the perfect lake to waterski on (or at least make an attempt at!)

On a more technical note, the vast majority/all of these photos were shot on Manual mode. Up to this point, I had used M mode a bit, but often used Aperture or Shutter priority mode. However, back in July, I read a wedding blog post about using M mode to improve one's photos and flexibility as a photographer. So I decided to take the plunge while doing some personal photos. And. . . .M mode quickly became my favorite setting!

With this mode, one is in complete control of the camera and has to make a bunch of decisions. Thus, it made me stop and think a little bit more when composing the shot and in setting the aperture and shutter speed. Once in a while I changed my ISO, but often left it on the lowest ISO possible unless I needed to change it due to really low light.

And this photo below?

It reminds me to stop and think of what I want to say through a photo. On the trip, I had a little ankle injury and had to spend some time on the couch one afternoon. And as I was laying there I saw my friend's shoes. Immediately I thought of what I had been told when I first began taking photos - with each photo that you take think of what story you are trying to tell with that photo. Seeing these shoes inspired me to take a photo that would convey a sense of longing to put them on and go (though slightly impossible to get the angle I wanted under the circumstances. . . haha!! But I'm going to try a retake in the future to capture that idea better).

Enough photography talk and on to other trip photos!

The beginning of our fishing adventure day - speeding away on a boat with the mist spraying up in my face!

Oldest standing building in SK:

Fun times learning/re-learning how to fish on one of the best fishing lakes!

A rock that marked one of the more rewarding fishing spots:

Lily pads :-)

One of my favorite water/rock photos:

We also spent some time hanging out at the beautiful lake.

Echo  seemed to have a strange attraction to me when I was at the beach attempting to snap a photo of her! As soon as I picked up my camera, she kept running over to me. But I finally managed to capture this one with sand all over her nose.

I wish I could take credit to being able to successfully roll the whitewater kayak below, but I can't. Though I did take it on the lake for a small ' spin '. Literally. Such fun!

Our last night by the lake, my friend and I headed out to take some night photos. She was a good sport and let me ride the sole bike shown in the photo below as she jogged along. She actually was ahead of me until the end when our trip finished off with a pot-hole filled hill down to the dock - exciting times in the pitch black on a bike!

And yes I had to use a slow shutter speed and crank my ISO up quite a bit in the photos above as all I had for light was a single street light by the dock. The interesting part about night photos is that you are (at least I am!) less confident of the photo it will produce, which makes it more challenging. A rocking dock also adds an interesting dimension!

A few photos from downtown Saskatoon:

The sun shining on these brightly colored flags caught my eye

And so ended the road trip to northern SK, which I believe could be labeled as the scenic part of SK to visit!

Lots of new adventures and lots of fun! Good tunes/AiO, good friends, good times!

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