Thursday, January 31, 2013

2012 in review, 2013 ahead || [personal]

2012 has come and gone and 2013 has arrived! Ok, 2013 arrived a full month ago! (oops, a little late here) I have a weakness for reading  photog blogs and one thing I like is when they list their goals. So here's some 2012 in review and goals (or maybe it would be better classified as hopes?) for 2013!

2012 was the year that I was stretched in photography and had such incredible opportunities, so thankful! I think it could be called a landmark photography year. (thanks to all who supported and encouraged me!!) Some of the highlights of 2012:

  • buying my 50mm prime lens (I know, this does not sound thaaat exciting, but it takes such amazing photos! love, love, love this lens!)
  • taking a workshop with IPS down in Colorado - such great learning about posing and lighting and processing photos and new friends!
  • I read this blog post and was challenged to learn how to shoot in manual mode - now it's practically the only mode I use...maybe I simply like full control? :-)
  • working with off camera flash using these cactus triggers 
  • documenting some fun trips I was able to take
  • all the wonderful people I took photos of!! :-)

And 2013 hopes:

  • blog consistently!! (oops, this went downhill at the end of 2012)
  • write different types of blog posts (still mulling over ideas for this)
  • print some of my favorite photos, like this mushroom at the end of the post, or some of these landscapes, into a photo corkboard (digital photos are great, but I have a new love for prints and photo albums!)
  • take and print three related landscape photos on three canvases to hang side-by-side (photos in a format like this make me drool...)
  • improve off-camera flash techniques (flash can be a tricky thing, but lighting in photos makes a huge difference and flash is an amazing tool especially for those low-light scenarios)
  • work on specific photo projects to improve a certain aspect (I better make this more specific - e.g. lighting techniques, posing, sunrise shoot...)
  • take part in this February photo challenge

p.s. what do you think of the new look?
p.s.s. could someone pleeeaaseee tell me why my tea post is so popular?? :-)

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