Friday, February 8, 2013

February Photo Challenge || Part 1!

Goals motivate me. A Lot. I am sooo excited to share this post! For February I am doing a daily photo challenge (thanks Marvelous Things Photography for the great idea!).

Knowing that I have a specific photo to look for each day makes me think more creatively. It's great! In case you want to still join in, the list of photo themes for each day are here

(note: I skipped the first day, so this post will have six photos and we'll  catch the 'first day' in the last post....if that makes sense)

Here they are:

Fuzzy: the fuzziest socks I have ever owned in the world and so warm! Perfect for winter. (used a bright desk lamp for the main source of light. It was was my impromptu flash)

Flavor: I stopped my brother in the middle of him drinking his grape float and said "Wait! I really did a photo of that!" (caught the golden light streaming through the window. And 2 min later, the sun went down....whew)

Favorite Color: Purple! (I feel like that is a bit obvious by now). This is one of my favorite birthday I have ever received - a blue jean quilt in purple

Faceless Self-Portrait: This took a bit of coordination / many shots / pure luck (opened the front door and used natural light)

From a Distance: A self-timer shadow photo of me waving! - a bit of creative freedom, but I shot at a distance from my camera :-) (night time photo! The excellent thing about a shadow photo is you can still move your eyes and don't have to stand smiling while the shutter takes forever....and ever....)

From a Low Angle: These teddy bears really wanted their photo taken today ;-)

Check back next Friday for the next edition of the Feb Photo Challenge

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