Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Photo Challenge || Part 2!

This was suppose to post over a week and a half ago as a scheduled post while I was off on an adventure, but I forgot to press "Done" - oops!! :-)


There are moments in life where you have an epiphany. Some are big epiphanies and some are simply "hmm, I do ___, don't I...?" moments. (I know, because I used the word "epiphany" you would think think I am just talking about "big moments"...please allow me some creative word choice!).

I had one of those hmm moments. When I am in creative photo mood, I envision a photo and then try to capture it and lose all track of time. I was running out the door to meet a dear friend for tea and realized I hadn't taken my photo of the day yet. But I had 5 minutes to spare and I had in my head what I wanted the photo to look like, sooooo of course I could squeeze it in and still be on time, right??!! (wrong! sorry friend!!). Taking what I envisioned in my head and capturing it on camera took a little bit more time than I thought...but lots of times it is worth it.

Here are the photos from this past week!

Flowers: roses + the sun + a pretty vase

Feet: new shoes I am excited to wear! (my main lighting wasn't strong enough for this, so I used a lamp. focused in the middle-ish part to create some depth to the photo)

Favorite Place: the mountains! I love mountains

But then I also like outdoor skating rinks and bonfires afterwards with friends (bonus photo!)

Face: self-explanatory - a face! (shot through a window, it was light inside and pitch black outside)

Fashion: Stripes! Accessories! Nail polish! (At first I wasn't sure what to shoot for this, but realized my fashion consists of accessorizing lots of the time and I am on a massive nail polish streak. currently always. wearing. some.)

Focus on the Eyes: A gorgeous girl (used natural light from a window)

Fruit: I know a rose is not "fruit" but it was Valentine's Day :-)

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