Monday, March 4, 2013

February Photo Challenge || Part 3

If you have been following me recently on here, you will have seen my Feb Photo Challenge posts/photos - Week 1 is here and Week 2 is here.

Due to some fun travels, I have been slow in posting weeks 3 and 4 (and resorted to instagram photos) but...I came to the realization that February is over, so they are coming!

Enjoy week 3!

Flare: the sun was amazing! and more flare flying over the ocean. Look at those mountains below!

Full: this street was very narrow and full! (in Jaffa, Tel Aviv)

Flow: these green men keep the pedestrians flowing at the appropriate times! (I found the green amusing!) And also a photo of the 'flow' from the Mediterranean Sea that I took on a run.

Funny: I resorted to a food photo this day (not realizing that tomorrow's word was food!) but I thought 'funny' and 'yummy' almost rhymed!  ....such amazing dessert including creme brulee and a persimmon

Food: larger-than-life orange! 

Family: wishing my family and friends were here to share the view (Jerusalem) with me... 

 Fancy: amazing dessert and espresso almost every night - spoiled! love the little espresso cups there

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