Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February Photo Challenge || Part 4

Last week of the February Photo Challenge!

Front Door: there were so many cute and photogenic doors. here's a little green one from the Old City, Jerusalem.

Feeling: (a) I have a huge infatuation with moving sidewalks and (b) whenever I ride one I know I am going on an adventure or coming home - both such great feelings.

First: this was the first time I used my new nail polish (have I mentioned how much I like colorful nail polish?), but look at how big that brush is!! 

Fact: my feet are in shock, going from balmy weather to snow :-)

Fast: the snow cannot drive fast enough for my poor luggage that I forgot outside!

Free Time: love to read when I have a minute. love my kindle but also physical books too.

Frivolous: mhmmm - new fun flavored tea!

~ The End ~

Whew, that was harder than I thought it would be! The first two weeks were more focused on artistic photos and the last two weeks were just everyday 'life' photos. But having a goal for each day forced me to take more photos and think more about what was around me that would fit into that category. I never would have taken a photo of a moving sidewalk otherwise (haha!) but I am glad I did - such a fan of those things!

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