Saturday, March 9, 2013

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Do you ever have that moment in life where you need to make a decision. And you debate briefly whether to say yes or no. And you make a snap decision (that you know is really the right one/the answer you want to give) and say YES!!

I did. And went on a trip to Israel.

I said good-bye to snow and cold and hello to a verrrrry long flight....

Frankly, I was just like a kid on the flight. Flipping through the movie options, squirming in my seat, taking photos of the airplane food, and staring out of the window to look at the sky. Oh yes, I managed to get a window seat on all my flights!! The one day it felt like we were chasing the sun as we flew across the ocean and gained half a day! The sky was AMAZING (see the first two photos here). 

In fact, as the first flight was taking off, I stared out the window through take off and a good 15 minutes into the air (it's like going on a big road trip - you can't do anything until you are out of the city and on your trip!). Anyways, I stared out the window and saw an aeriel view of the city. And all the roads, the houses, the buildings,  the schools, and the green spaces fit together like little puzzle pieces - they all looked neat and tidy and in the exact place where they should be. They "made sense" right where they were placed. How analogous to life is that? When those wonky puzzle pieces of life don't seem to make sense and then you look back and they "fit" together because God work all things out!This clearly shows why I don't need to worry <-- profound moment on the plane

So anyways, after lots of flying and lugging bags around, we arrived.

And I got to see this place:

Tel Aviv

And this place:


It was an Experience and an Adventure. Fun and Thought-Provoking. Amazing and Challenging. All wrapped up together.

I literally walked around the whole time with my eyes wide and my mouth hanging open trying to take it all in.

Do you blame me?

Street in Tel Aviv

Can you imagine a photo shoot with all those colorful doors? And look at the colors in this market!! (I managed to buy some delicious sweets in this place though trying to communicate what I wanted and what I should pay was definitely an experience!)

Marketplace in Jerusalem

Lots of experiences, lots of photos, lots of memories!

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