Monday, June 17, 2013

To the graduate || monday musings {personal}

June is the month for graduations. The celebration of accomplishments and hard work.

I recently did a grad photo shoot, complete with a sweet, gorgeous girl and these:

Yes! Pink and white polka dot balloons!!! - seriously, how could it get better?!

And it made me think of when I graduated. I remember my high school grad and how I felt like I was ready to take on the world! (I felt soooo mature back then...) As for my university grad, well I really did not feel "graduated" until I walked down the hall with all my fellow classmates and we walked into the gym where the graduation ceremony was held...and then it hit me. The end had finally arrived and I was giddy with excitement!

I was reflecting on what I would have said to myself upon graduation. Sort of like a letter to my former self. It would go like this:

Dear Graduate,

Soon you will be graduating. Wow, how did this happen?! The phrase, the days are long, but the years are short seems incredibly applicable in this moment, especially when you consider those days you stayed up late studying and writing papers. See you did get through it! Way to go! Remember that and treasure the now. Savor this moment.  Also,there are a few other things you should remember.

The accolades and praise and that little piece of paper are nice, but remember how you got here. It was never by yourself, but surrounded by family and friends, who encouraged you to try to your best, who picked you up when you panicked the time your computer crashed, who sent you encouraging messages on exam days, who understood you still cared even though you seemed stuck in the library, who lifted your spirits when you were down, who helped you hold your head up even when you felt like giving up, who supported you and encouraged you that all this work was indeed worth it.

The future is full of many bright possibilities. Sure there will also be some tough spots, but with God and family and friends, you will make it and it will be ok. In fact, you will be better for the challenges. So do not fear or worry about what is ahead, but walk straight ahead with the assurance that God is guiding you. Yes, there will be moments where you feel like you have failed. And sometimes you will have literally failed. But that's ok - it's important how you respond, that you learn from your mistakes, that you do not give up, but simply fail forward and try again, that you have hope because you know where true hope is found.

And laugh...a lot. Be grateful to God for all that He has blessed you with. Look for opportunities to bless other people.

And on that note, remember what is truly important in life - people. Wherever you go, bring others with you, for life is sweeter when shared with others.

All the best!

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