Thursday, July 25, 2013

A day in the mountains || {personal}

There are three things I really like in life: friends, celebrating milestones, and mountains! Last week I combined all three of these - I had just reached an important milestone and felt like doing something fun, so some friends and I headed off to the mountains for the day. Now we had the important details figured out (who was bringing what food and good shoes), but hadn't quite figured out the not-so-significant-details (where to hike and where to have a campfire supper afterwards...ahem, oops?).

We ended up hiking up to Bourgeau Lake, which was beautiful! Though somehow in my fascination with the tiny "glacier" I missed getting a picture of the whole lake.

Mountains are just....big!

Waterfall along the trail

Tiny "glacier" I was fascinated with

View at the top, looking away from the lake

We then attempted to find a place for supper and a campfire. At one of our many attempts was this amazing scenery:

Excellent refreshing day!!

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