Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life Lately - Oct. || {personal}

Life has taken a radical shift in the couple months, but especially in the last week. I went from quite a bit of flexibility in managing my time to being on a rather strict schedule as I started a new job. BUT...there's lots of good things going on.

Here are some phone photos of life...aka what I am into:

1. Books

I started a book club this past month and some friends of mine bravely joined. We read A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman for Oct. Overall, mixed thoughts about it, but good reflective read.

As can be seen I took the opportunity to order a couple more books too. I also am making good use of the library these days.

2. Friends who care how I look :-)

I can't take credit for the leopard sweater (yup, that is a long sweater you see hanging down) or the coat! Thanks girls!

3. Coffee

See below, this ties into #5

4. Nail Polish

Seriously it is the little things that matter! I have had a year long obsession with this and it just continues. Rumor has it that I have influenced some of my friends in this area :-)

5. Alarm my eyes are open before the sun...

I have decided that I need to change my alarm clock noise to a noise that I like to hear....since I hear it every morning and sometimes multiple times. (Am I the only one who sets multiple alarms????)

But then I get to watch this:

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