Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fall Engagement || Ring Photos

People. People. People. Best Ever!

I had to repeat that word three times just to emphasize how much I have come to appreciate friendships and the people in my life.

Through doing photos, I met this lovely couple who asked me to shoot their engagement photos for them. We went down to a park in late October while there were still leaves and beautiful autumn colors to take their photos. Due to privacy reasons, they asked not to have their photos on here (totally understandable!). However, I have a view of the stunning fall colors in the park and a couple sweet couple ring shots to show you all on the blog here.

And to my friends - thank you for the privilege of asking me to document your love for one another. And for your enthusiastic response to the photos!! Soooo excited for your wedding!


The colors were AMAZING!!

So pretty!

I adore fall leaves! And diamonds are pretty sweet too :-)


  1. A day we won't forget. Thank you for blessing us with your talent. Xoxo