Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 1 || 31 Photo Days!

...this post could also be called "Why I go outside at 9pm a night, lay on the cold concrete, and take a dozen photos of a pair of mitts on the snow."

Maybe I should have gone with the second title?

So why am I taking a dozen photos of a pair of mitts? There's a couple reasons.

A few years ago I bought my first dslr - I called her Lucy. It was a intro level camera, but absolutely perfect for where I was at. (Is it ok to share here that she was the first camera I had ever bought? I know, not your typical scenario.)

At first I played around on my own, then I took an intro class on dslr photography with one of my friends - best decision ever! Besides the fun of taking a class with a friend, it opened a whole new world of how to use the various features of my camera. Then I used it some more and ended up taking another class/workshop the next year.

Now to anyone thinking about entering the world of dslr photography, be warned: you start to 'collect' things over the years - lenses, a flash, tripod, reflector, editing software, etc...and yes, even camera bags! I have 2 and like them both for different purposes/situations.

As I kept collecting more camera related stuff and reading blogs, I practiced and practiced with Lucy - she's gone to a couple different continents/out of country, my background/city many times, and been used by different people (once in a while I like to be in a photo too so my friends and family get a crash course in dslrs!).

All that to say, through taking and editing thousands and thousands of photos, I know Lucy. Inside and out. I can anticipate how a photo will look based on the settings I use. And then....

...late this December I invested in a new camera (name suggestions anyone?). And the truth is I just don't understand him quite as well. It's a much higher end camera with many more settings = lots to learn. However, I am shooting a wedding in a month (whoohoo!! sooo excited for this!!) and so I want to be on my A-game and understand the settings of my camera so shooting in manual mode is automatic!

And hence, I decided to do a "31 photo days" project - the rules are pretty simple: I have to pick up my camera and take one photo a day. This involves having an idea of one feature I want work on - e.g. ISO settings, shutter speed and aperture settings, creative ways to take a photo etc. - basically, either focus on seeing how adjusting my settings changes my photo or else focussing on a weak spot of my photography or pushing my creative limits. Ok, let's be real: all of this pushes my creative skills!

I may miss a day or two in posting and then you'll see a couple posts go up in a day; but stick around, this should be fun! And feel free to join in too for the 31 photo days!

Day 1: Mitts in the snow

--> here are my sister's Christmas mitts, which were hand-knit by our loving grandma. I saw the mitts and loved the bright colors so I took it outside and put it on the snow.

--> I've noticed I naturally tend to focus on the upper right corner of a photo along the "3rds" line. So I deliberately changed that and was also curious to see how my new camera would do in lower light.

--> I ended up taking about a dozen photos - changed the position of the mitts, took the photo at a lower angle, and increased the ISO so the shutter speed was fast enough and not a blurry photo. And as you can see, this is not fresh white snow!

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