Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 2 || 31 Photo Days!

I really, really like these photos!

Day 2: Elephants on the Piano

--> One of our neighbors gave us a pair of elephants as a gift and they reside on top of the piano. My goal was to use a strong direct light source (lamp on top of the piano), use a higher ISO to see how the photo would look, and also change the composition of the photo. I would usually take this as a horizontal photo, adding some depth with a large aperture / small f-stop (this was at f/2.5). So I decided to take one horizontal photo and one vertical photo with more "space" in the photo.

--> And then I changed the direction of the elepahnt so there was direct light on the elephant's face to bring out the details and set the elephant directly on the piano. Verrrry pleased with how this one turned out. This one has no editing, just straight from the camera.

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