Monday, February 3, 2014

Photos That Matter || Monday Musings

A blank sheet. A new year. A new month.

Where to start? What to write?

I like to procrastinate until I see the big picture instead of taking one step in front of the other. Oops.

And yet, a blank sheet is also exciting. An opportunity to think of what I want to use this space for and to be more purposeful with it than I was in 2013. To reflect and make changes as necessary.

I still don't know the full answers, but one thing I do know is that I want to take photos that matter. What does that mean?

On a personal level, it means pulling out my camera for big moments and little moments, for trips and for everyday happenings. I lost a dear loved one in January. But those photos I had taken of her in the past couple years meant so much to me and I treasure those photos and the memories and people they captured.

I want to take photos that reflect the art of the everyday moments. Photos that are technically sound, yet also capture emotion and those moments and memories in life. And you look at them and feel something.

Taking small steps in front of each other,


P.S. My friends brought me some wonderful sympathy flowers - thank you dear ones!! Hugs!

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