Monday, August 18, 2014

7 Moments of Travelling Nostalgia || {travel fun}

Or I could call this 7 reflections on travelling and photography...but that's boring!!

Today I'm felling nostalgic for travelling and already miss it. So in honor of that...a post on travelling and photography! (but mostly travelling...)

1. It's not as glamorous as it looks in the photos.
Usually they miss the I'm-so-hungry-but-trying-to-enjoy-this-castle moments! Or the blisters from so much walking, the frustrating moments of navigating a country where you don't speak the language, or trying to figure out the train/metro/tube system. Or any of the number of things that could and (once in a while) do go wrong!


2. It's WAY WAY WAY better than it looks in the photos!!!!
There's no possible way to capture how delicious French pastry tastes, the chills of a magnificent view, or the fun little moment that just randomly happened! Fact: it's just better in real life

3. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility.
Does having an attitude of flexibility ever help grease the wheels that make a fun trip turn! No matter how planned you may have a trip or how prepared you are, you still need to be flexible, and then even more flexible than you think!

4. Keep it fun and keep it realistic (before you reach the breaking point)
Usually I'm ok at the first part, especially when things go really off kilter, then I start singing songs in the rain while waiting at a bus stop in the dark (true story!)! But keeping a realistic schedule and having fun can be a challenge especially when you are like me and want to pack everything possible into a trip!! So slow down, eat breakfast and drink coffee, say no to something (or get up earlier?? ;), and enjoy the rest (really this is just a reminder to myself for my next trip).

5. Pack light - literally and figuratively!
If you are like me, then pack and take half the stuff out and try fitting it in again. Then repeat that process at least dozen times until you can zip your suitcase without sitting on it. You'll thank me.
But also pack light figuratively. Leave your high expectations behind and be open to embracing whatever happens...ties into point 3

6. It's better shared!!
Travelling by oneself is unique, but I'd much prefer to share my travelling experience. Its truly better together! The lost moments, the super crazy fun moments, and the can-you-believe-that-just-happened-???!!! moments.
Also, be open to sharing these moments with random strangers - chat up the person next to you in the crazy long line up, or say hi to the stranger all the train all by himself, help the mother with three kids upload her luggage off the train, or compliment that stranger on her crazy wonderful green shoes, have a conversation at breakfast with those complete strangers who become your friends and offer helpful's just better shared, trust me.

7. {Just} Do It!
Yes, logistics and time and money get in the way and don't always make travelling possible, but {based on my own very unscientific research} people regret not travel far more than they regret travelling....sooooo, when the opportunity comes, say yes more than you say no.

Here's a view of Paris late at night (!!!) with the Arc de Triomphe (the big arch) in the right middle part of the photo. I loved the night we went up the Eiffel tower - we biked from our place to the Eiffel tower, biked around it and then returned our bikes and got in line; we climbed to the second floor just as the sun was setting (perfect timing!), took a look around, and then took the elevator to the top - a very crammed elevator with a bunch of strangers, including one who was afraid of heights. (!!!) Then we went and looked outside and were about to leave, when I decided that I wasn't q-u-i-t-e done. For some reason, the Eiffel tower was a big deal to me. So I went back outside at the top and walked around one more time. I snapped photos for a couple families, watched two guys play frisbee at the top, took some more photos, took a selfie of me and how many meters tall I was (think as tall as the Eiffel tower), texted some friends and family that I was on the Eiffel tower, and just soaked in the view and all the people enjoying themselves.

A memory for the archives. 

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