Monday, November 24, 2014

Running towards the things that scare you || monday musings {personal}

When I'm intimidated by a situation, one of my first reactions is to inch away.


Let's move on to something else.

Some other situation where I feel more comfortable. One that's in the safe zone.

Someone else is better fitted to do this.

Why should I even bother trying? I'll fail at that.

That's too big. Too scary. Too bold. Too scary. Too ambitious

But I'm learning to run towards the things that scare me. 

Something new? I'll try it. Maybe it will work, maybe it will not. But I'll try.

Because sometimes what matters is the trying. Taking a risk where reaching the finish line isn't a guaranteed result.

That's where the growth happens. Where character is built and muscles are strengthened for bigger and bolder challenges in the future. Where risks are taken and the safe zone is way behind you in the distance.

Where faith is required to take that first step into the unknown.

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