Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 Recap + 2015 Here We Come!

Hello 2015! It's the first Wednesday of 2015 (yes I am sneaking this into the first week of 2015!) and I am SO ready for 2015! But I'm a huge believer in celebrating, even if it is just the little things, so first a little recap of 2014, because it was a BIG year in JD-photog-land, and also some dreams for 2015.

Highlights of 2014:

1. Shooting my first wedding last March (can we say brave bride?! And now we are good friends! YAY!)

2. Second shooting 3 weddings!

3. A bunch of family/portrait photo sessions

4. Becoming friends with my D610 and buying the 85mm lens (!!!!!!)

5. Oregon coast trip (including Cannon Beach!) + photos + mastering the art of the selfie on my D610 (it looks so awkward and I always get a little freaked out that I am going to drop my camera!)

6. Europe trip to Netherlands, France, and England, complete with seeing all sorts of Dutch sights + soaking in Dutch culture, taking photos of Paris off the top of the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomphe (I love 'views'), visiting historic WW 1 and 2 sites in France, visiting London again (sigh, love that city), and Cambridge (the market in the town square is still one of my favorite memories, and don't forget punting!) and Stonehenge (more because of the memories I have associated with this). And lots of other selfies on my phone!. And shoes. Lots of shoes. So many new, favorite shoes. :D

7. Renting a AF-S 70-200 f/2.8 for a wedding! It was massive! I lean towards prime lenses, so the 85mm is my current fave but that lens was huge!

8. Ending 2014 with a winter wedding! + the most elegant wedding dress

What you may not know about 2014 + What surprised me in 2014:

1. My (camera loving!) grandma went to be with Jesus in heaven last January. And it really altered my perspective on photos. See some of the last good photos we have of her are some I took for my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary a few months before she died. They were the ones we used at her funeral. And I could not have been more glad that I had pulled out my camera that fall and taken some. Those photos are not perfect by any means, but I will always hold them dear because of who is in those photos. And so in 2014, self-timer photos at family get togethers/birthdays has turned into a new priority!

2. I was absolutely terrified and so nervous the day before I shot my first wedding last March. In fact, I seriously considered shooting the wedding and finishing up a couple last sessions. And never taking photos for anyone else again. For me, photography needs to involve joy. And there was no joy that cold Friday in March. But then Saturday came around and it was a most beautiful wedding and amazing experience. A day filled with oodles of joy. And after I said good bye to the bride and groom, some of my first words were “That was so amazing, when can I do that again??!”

3. The new friends I acquired from photography! By the time the wedding day comes around, I feel like the bride and I are old friends! It is a sweet, sweet blessing.

4. The "I'm part of this and it's so VERY exciting" feeling you get when shooting a wedding. It’s addictive. So addictive.

5. The overwhelming honor to shoot a wedding. The trust someone puts in you is AMAZING and one I do not take lightly. It makes gratitude well up in my heart.

What I'm anticipating in 2015:

1. More photo shoots + weddings!

2. I took a leap and signed up for Justin and Mary's walk through a wedding workshop and it is themed Burberry & Brass. SO EXCITED. I have stalked their blog for ages and love their photos + writing. I'm especially excited to learn more about lighting in photos! On that note, I'm going to be on the USA East coast in mid February - making my way down from Boston to NYC. It would be a dream of mine to shoot a session in NYC!! If you are interest/ in the area, send me a note!

3. New blogging series. Stay tuned for this, but I'm currently dreaming up two different ones - 1) for the creative + 2) now what?. I'm definitely still learning so much in photography, but I love sharing thoughts and ideas with other photographers and creatives, no matter if they just bought their camera yesterday, have had it for years, or stick with phone photos. I'm a strong believer in educating and sharing! Collaboration is better than isolation. Also, I think it's important to educate a potential client - what to wear for a photo shoot (even what to expect for one!), the importance of printed photos in the age of digital everything, how to pick a wedding photographer, what differentiates photographers etc. So stay tuned on this space!

4. Pursuing excellence in photography + using this art form to the best of my abilities to bless others.

5. Photobooks of my OR and Europe trips + maybe an insta book!

6. To push myself creatively. It is way too easy to get stuck in a rut and not stretch myself.

7. To apply my New Years Resolution themes to photography. One of the words I picked for 2015 is Freedom. As a creative/photographer (ok, maybe just ME), it is so terribly easy to compare yourself with other photographers. But this drains joy. Instead I desire to be free from the comparison and identify seeking trap I can get caught in and instead walk in confidence in my art form and how I've been gifted, while also cheerleading on others. Because then we all win.

8. To take photos that mean something.

Here's a summary of my favourite 2014 photos!

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