Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So you have a photo shoot || what's next

Three weeks! The countdown is on for the workshop I'm attending run by some fantastically amazing photographers! And....I'm getting head shots with them!!

I can't decide what to wear!

As in, I have NO CLUE  what to wear.

I recently bought this necklace so I'm leaning towards wearing it (I know, seems silly to base your outfit on a necklace!).

Do I wear my hair down or up? Straight or curly?

Should I wear a dress or pants/sweater? I recently bought a new casual black lace dress, but then I also have fun new purple pants. Or my new black and white sweater I really like!

And then what shoes? I mean, it's just head shots, but my shoes better go with my outfit too, right?! :)

And what about a scarf?!

What color of nail polish should I wear? Bright? Darker and muter tone?

I mean, this is complicated!! #firstworldproblems

Obviously I'm OVERTHINKING this!!! 

However, after people book a photo shoot with me, I often get asked what they should or should not wear for a photo shoot.

I have five key guidelines:

1. Wear what you feel good in. That outfit you just feel like a million bucks in. The one you wear when you have that presentation at work and need to have that extra confidence boost it or are dressing up for a date and want to look your best. The one that you know upon know makes you feel good. 

2. Wear coordinating clothes for engagement/group photos. This blog post explains it really well (I also like her points about textures and layers!). Not matching clothes, but colors that look good together. 

3. Be yourself, just a slightly more dramatic version. You want classy photos that stand the test of time yet still capture that moment and help to enhance your features. If you normally wear make-up, just wear a little bit more than you usually do. If you never wear make-up, then consider dabbling in a bit, but don't feel that you need to. If you love shoes, bring a couple pairs!

4. Switch up your outfit. Ask if you can do an outfit change (often possible except with large groups). Wear a dressy outfit and bring a casual outfit along (or vice versa). If you don't want to do that, consider what accessories (e.g. scarf, hat, jewelry, jacket, shoes etc) you would bring to easily switch. Also, weather dependent, you may have to wear a coat for part of the time, so consider that part of your outfit too. I love when an accessory adds a pop of color!

5. Relax. Just wear your favorite outfit that reflects YOU. It really is that simple. :)

Now to go do some pseudo-packing and put these guidelines into practice!! Maybe I should wear these shoes for a pop of color???! :)

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