Friday, February 27, 2015

East Coast Ventures || Preview

How do you explain a trip that stretched you and challenged you? That pushed you beyond limits that you were comfortable with and yet at times was filled with people and experiences that welcomed you like a great big bear hug - unexpected, warm, and, oh so welcome and amazing.

From early to mid-February I went on a 10 day trip to Boston, Connecticut, and New York City, more commonly known as #eastcoastventures !!

Ever since I've gotten back, people have kept asking how it was. They are so many answers to that question!

The short answers are:


"cold! a damp cold is SO much colder than a dry cold!"

"the city of Boston came to a standstill with the snow but oh what a lovely, OLD city!"

"highlights and shadows and angles and light are now what I think about. All. The. Time. They're everywhere! I keep drawing lines in my head!" (ok, so maybe only the people from the #walkthroughaweddingworkshop understand that!)

"I got the best seat at the Les Mis musical in NYC!!! I'm now spoiled for all future Broadways...sigh"

"I'm becoming a museum person - the Boston Fine Arts museum and the MET in NYC are superb! I'd really like a Rembrandt or Monet...anyone?"

"You must visit The Counter in NYC!! best burgers ever" (and then I proceed to say what I put on my burger, including pineapple, and I get very strange looks)

"Macy's ladies' shoe department was A LOT bigger than a thought it was! Not exactly the most ideal place to meet someone"

"the view from the Top of the Rock was amazing!! and the Empire State Building was lit up with purple lights!"

Stayed tuned for a full blog recap, including one on my Boston adventures, another on the Walk Through a Wedding photography workshop in CT with Justin and Mary, and a final one on my time in NYC!

But for now, here's a pair of my favourite images from the workshop:

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