Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Walk Through a Wedding Workshop || East Coast Ventures

The opportunity to learn more about photography and sneak in a trip??!! Seriously, how can one say no to that?!

I have been following Justin and Mary's blog for quite a few years now and admire how they use lighting in their photos and their photography overall! Plus, based on their blog posts, they just seemed like really wonderful people :) And so in December, I found myself signing up for their Walk Through a Wedding workshop in February - it's a two day workshop where they cover everything photography related from posing to post processing to blogging to lighting and included a full styled wedding shoot!!!

What an amazing couple of days! The workshop started on Tuesday night with a pre-workshop dinner, a very elegant dinner and the perfect way to start off the workshop! The next two days were full of learning about photography and then applying it in our styled shoots. At the end of the last day, we all went around in a circle and talked about our three personal takeaways - there was not a dry eye in the room!

Justin & Mary - How do I find the words to express what happened in those 2.5 workshop days?! Thank you for opening up your home and for sharing your craft and sharing from your hearts. Thank you for serving us in so many little ways and making that cup of coffee in that special Starbucks mug!! :) I walked away with tangible tools and ideas to apply to my photography, including a deepened appreciation for the value of photography and the importance of defining my Why. I feel so much more equipped to creatively and graciously address the many different situation my camera and I will face!! But above and beyond that, I walked away having seen two people who desire to give, instead of hoard; who believe that sharing means we all win; who desire to create a legacy through their craft and the people they meet. And for that, a thank you seems barely sufficient. But I'll say it anyways - THANK YOU!!!



Practicing lighting before the "official wedding" started!

The "Iconic Bridal Portrait" - this type of shot is quickly becoming one of my favourites to shoot!!

 And the wedding "started" - how amazing and in love are Whitney and Mike??!!

Some inside detail shots! Note the Burberry themes present through all the details - down to the flowers on the cake, the inside of the envelopes, and the ribbon on the napkins! 

And I am may or may not be (ridiculously and abnormally) happy with that cake shot! I specifically paid extra careful attention to my lighting in order to capture the details on the cake and, BAM, it worked! 

Day 2

One more wedding shoot! This shoot was specifically for us to shoot with our "why" in mind - to let our "why" (the reason behind why each one of us photographers do photography) guide our "how."

Credits - a big thank you to everyone who helped make this styled shoot possible!

Event Design & Coordination: Stacie Shea Events
Floral Design: Carrie Wilcox Floral Design 
Hair & Makeup: Erin Infantino - Simply Gorgeous by Erin 
Styling for Bride & Groom: Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore 
Bride & Groom: Whitney & Mike Nichols

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