Friday, April 17, 2015

NYC || East Coast Ventures

This post is a continuation of my trip in February!

If you missed the other parts, see here, here, and here

Where to start with my time in "the Big Apple"??!!

I had about 2.5 days in NYC. Since I was there a little less than 10 years ago, I wanted to see some things what I hadn't see yet.

Best memories of NYC:
  • Grand Central Station!!! I now feel like I can figuratively use that phrase and know what it means literally too!
  • Getting last minute, same day tickets to Les Mis! I was in the 3rd row on the side. I could have reached out and touched the actors!
  • Visiting the MET and tracking down another ballerina!
  • Central park + eating roasted peanuts, it's just so NYC-ish?
  • Meeting up with my cousin. I suggested the ladies' shoe department in Macy's. Little did I know that it was a whole floor! Oops! Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...everywhere!!! But seriously, I was SO thankful for family! We're actually second cousins so I hadn't seen her in years and I almost introduced myself to the wrong person in my frantic search through the shoe department, but as soon as we met up it was like we were BFFs ;)
  • Eating at The Counter - a burger place where you create your own burger. So many options!! Thanks cuz for the fun experience :D
  • Sunday morning church with Hillsong NYC! So good!!!
  • Visiting the NBA store. It was All Star basketball weekend and that tiny store was crammed with about 100 6.5 ft and up guys. I've never felt so short!!!
  • Visiting the Top of the Rock and seeing the amazing view of NYC (despite the cold temperatures and crazy winds!!!)

Grand Central Station!
Times Square!

The iconic NYC taxi!!


Central Park
Empire State Building
This fun room at the Top of the Rock where the lights changed colours!

My favourite!

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