Friday, May 29, 2015

Finding the Best Fit || what's next

I spend so much time immersed in photography and reading photography blogs that sometimes I forget that when picking a photographer for wedding or family photos, it can be a little confusing to navigate! Here's another post in my "what's next" series to help  understand the art of photography and some tips and tricks! So some thoughts...

First off, when picking a photographer, consider:

1. Editing Style of the Photographer
Photographers edit their photos extremely differently!! It ranges from more of a muted tone/film look to a darker/more dramatic look to a more light/airy/bright look. Some photographers will edit with a mixture of black and white photos and others lean towards just color. Arguably there's no right or wrong, just different styles and preferences. Look through a photographer's website or blog and ensure that you like the editing style.

2. Style of Photography
Some photographers are more photojournalistic, other have more staged/posed photos. Once again, there's no right or wrong. This just depends on what you prefer. Most photographers are somewhere in the middle, but lean towards one side.

3. Other factors - price, experience, what's included in the photography package. There's a wide variety out there. Pick what works for you, while keeping in mind that often you get what you pay for. My personal bias is have a photographer that includes prints and/or a photobook - photos help to tell the story of your life and in the age of digital everything, prints are tangible reminder of the beauty of life.

And....can I also add, I think it's also important, if not the MOST important, to connect with your photographer. This is especially for wedding photos (as your photographer will be with you the majority of the day!!), but also for any type of photos! Trust is key in photography and that is made all the more easier when you have that natural connection with your photographer. Have a quick phone chat or coffee meeting (especially for a wedding!).

And in the spirit of connection, here's to the sweetest bride from December who made it a point to connect with all the people at her wedding, including her grandma :)

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