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I love my family and friends, ice cream and homemade cinnamon rolls, americanos and good conversation that goes along with it!

I like all seasons - spring for the freshness and newness it brings with it, summer for the sweet sun and lazy days to go with it, fall with its crisp chilly mornings and many shades of color, and winter for snow and bundling up with a hot drink.

I also like personality tests! According to the most recent one I took, I'm a "spontaneous idealist." Supposedly this means I'm:

-creative and lively
-humorous and dispose of a contagious zest for life
-enthusiastic and full of energy
-enjoy being with people and a keen observer
-often have an uncanny intuition for people's motivations and potential
-a master of communication and a very amusing and gifted entertainer

And somehow, that quiz figured out all that because I answered just 4 questions! But hey, I'll take it! ;)

In all serious, I pursue photography because it makes me feel alive; because I want to take photos that mater. Relationships are among the most lasting things in life and capturing and documenting is important.

Photography doesn't define me. My identify in God and who He made me does. But photography blesses me. And my desire is to bless others through it too!!!

This blog is where I capture travel adventures, everyday moments, photo shoots, and weddings! And also some other tips and tricks I've learned in this photog journey.

Feel free to comment on my blog or drop me a note at: jocelyndawnphotography at gmail dot com

Hope you enjoy!!


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